Betta Fish - Round 2


Let's be completely honest here: Sophie has already got Ross wrapped around her little finger.  Sophie wanted a new Betta Fish after Gabby died...and Ross complied.  


Meet the new addition to the Chadderdon family: Elektra The Betta Fish, affectionately nicknamed, "Ellie." Sophie chose that name because "she looks electric blue, Mom!"

Ellie is a little show-off, too, just like Gabby was

Ellie is a little show-off, too, just like Gabby was

Sophie loves to name her Betta Fish after people she knows. Gabby was named after one of her babysitters. Coincidentally, Ellie is a friend of ours from Church. Ross actually thought of the short-cut, and it all worked out! 

Sophia and Ellie getting acquainted with each other.  

Sophia and Ellie getting acquainted with each other.  

This time, we got an appropriate tank for Ellie, complete with a filter and an LED light. This time, the tank has a lid on it so that we hope Ellie doesn't meet the same fate Gabby did (Gabby jumped out of her bowl and landed on the floor. We had no idea how long she was on the floor).

Ross appropriately said that fish-keeping is somewhat like parenting---you know what to do better when the next one comes along. 


Ellie could never replace Gabby, though we found ourselves accidentally calling Ellie "Gabby" at least a dozen times this evening.  

If you plan to get a Beta Fish, here are some rules we know now that we didn't know (or keep) the first time around: 

1. Betta is spelled with two t's. I spelled it wrong in my previous post about Gabby. This Spelling/Grammar police feels like a hypocrite and I bet most of you didn't want to correct me because you all thought I spelled it right----because why would I make a mistake on that?  

2. A tank appropriate for a Betta holds 1-3 gallons. We had temporarily placed Gabby in a teeny tiny bowl with no lid because her tank broke. I feel guilty about her jumping out of it to this day. If a bowl is temporary, at least put a lid on it. I'm so happy this time we have a filter!

3. water temperature needs to be 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Too hot too cold could be detrimental to the Betta.

4. Pay the $2.59 at Petsmart to get the water conditioner. Ross is so annoyed with me that I insisted on it. But i like the peace of mind that the conditioner eliminates the heavy metals found in tap water.

5. Betta fish aren't supposed to act lethargic. Something is wrong with your Betta if it is. They love showing off and if they aren't, ask yourself if they look cinstipated or if their body is swelling (trust me, you'll know). If so, cease feeding for a couple of days. Our rule is 4-5 pellets once a day. So don't overfeed! 

I know this isn't an extensive list, but it's a good starting point!