What's In A Name? Everything....At Least To Me It Is: New Life, New Blog

Reader, I know what you're thinking: "www.guadachadderdon.com? Don't you think you're jumping the gun on using a last name you don't legally have, yet?


Firstly, I will be Mrs. Ross Chadderdon in 119 days, 19 hours, 40 minutes, and 37 seconds, as of this writing. But, who's counting, right? 

Secondly, I have decided that I no longer want to write new pages of a new life from an old book and from an old perspective. My past has certainly played a role in the kind of person I am today, so when I reference it, it is only in light of my current situation and my future, not because I still live there. Just like my concrete path post, sometimes you have to look back to see how far you've come. But the important thing to do is that you turn right back around and keep walking forward. Writing under the identity of my previous blog made me feel like I was writing sitting in the past. I refuse it. I am closing that book.  So, after a lot of thought, I decided I wanted to change my blog and web name altogether. If you're new to me and my story, maybe you don't care about the name-change. However, if you know me personally and the stories I carry, you would know that as soon as I could, I was on a mission to start over: new residence, new sport, new friends, new community, and even a new job! So, I sought out to actively make the necessary changes in my life to start over, which consequently led to a new relationship and then a new engagement. With a new fiancé/future-husband came the new set of future in-laws and extended family and friends. So consequently, a new name. And with a new name, comes a new identity by which I would like for you, Reader, to identify me by.

Reader, you can't live out a new name and identity if you keep operating under the old one, and boy am I antsy to legally shed the old one! I have a daughter who is turning 8. She is connected to me by blood, not by a name. She is also a spitting image of me, so no one can deny it even if they tried. Hallelujah! I am ecstatic that she has had the opportunity to witness me step out of an old life and in to a new one. I am proud to carry the Chadderdon name as with it comes generations of faithful men and women. My father's last name, de los Santos (which literally means "of the saints" in Spanish) also has a history of faithful  men and women whose lives are characterized by faith, hope, and love. I get to carry on this legacy when I take the name Chadderdon

So, Reader, I invite you to journey with me as I blog under the banner of this new identity. Here, you'll read of what I think about life, love, how the mundane can be beautiful if you look for it, my upcoming marriage (and the fear of failing again), motherhood and the struggles of parenting (and co-parenting, too), books I'm currently reading, my family, and everything in between. I don't claim to be an expert on anything, so if I say something scientific, theological, or even remotely intelligent, please read it knowing that I am NOT a scientist nor a theologian or scholar. I'm just a girl from Maui, Hawaii, who made a home in Southern California after moving here in 2000 and I never left. I am one of 7 children---a modern, Asian version of the Von Trapp Family: 2 parents, 7 children, all singers. As previously mentioned, I have a daughter named Sophia who is turning 8 soon. Sophia and I have a fish she named Gabriella (Ross' first-meet gift to her), stuffed animals we treat like people (Bear and Moose), and she just wants Ross and I to "hurry up and get married already so that we can get a dog!" Oh, the joys.

I was curious to see what Ross thought about me "prematurely" changing my name publicly. Men tend to be skittish about those kinds of things, you know, even if it is just a web address. His response? "I've wanted to change your last name from the moment I met you!" 

We all have stories we carry. Sometimes we have to tell them so that we can carry them better. Sometimes we tell them so that they feel lighter when we carry them. I'm just a storyteller, living out my identity now, not of what I was, but what I will be.

To understand the sweetness of restoration and redemption that I am experiencing now, is to also understand the bitterness I went through then. You can read it here: